8 Powerful Uses for Interactive In-Store Technology

Interactive touchscreen kiosks serve multiple purposes. Here we’ve complied a list of ways that they can help your business to improve customer experience, reduce wait times and to increase sales. In-store shoppers are ready to buy or learn more about a product. These kiosks can provide a fun and user-friendly means of educating about your products. It also gives them a seamless way to purchase these products without ever needing to talk to a salesperson. Not selling anything? We have flexible programs for just about anything that your business, office or trade-show might need. Let us know your end goal and we can help you achieve it. 

1.) Educate People About Products

Your customers will inevitably have questions about your products. With a kiosk full of product information, they can work their way through these questions and educate themselves before even speaking to an associate. This is not meant to replace the sales associate, but it can provide a non-invasive way of getting them the information they seek while your staff is helping other customers. Some will prefer to speak to a person, but in this day and age, many will enjoy seeking the answers through an interactive screen. They may even dig deeper knowing that they’re not taking up any of the associate’s time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Adding an “FAQ” section, along with detailed product descriptions will lead to a greater understanding of your products or services. Approximately 65% of the population are visual learners. Seeing these answers on an interactive and engaging screen will help them to become more familiarized with your products. It will also influence their buying decisions.

2.) Provide a Detailed Product Catalog

Whatever you’re selling, you’ll want to have it displayed so that the consumer can find whatever it is that they’re looking for. In a store, your display will ensure that all items are able to be seen. Most stores will go the extra mile to  highlight the products or features that they want to catch the customer’s eye. If you have a large product line, you’ll likely want to exhibit the newest or most popular products above the others.

The same applies with the interactive kiosks. You can feature all of your products on the kiosk or only choose to display certain promotional products. You will also be able to dictate exactly how you want to display them in order to push sales where you need them the most. There are many effective ways to do this. We can help you find the best solution for your specific business goals. 

3.) Check In Patients

Make life easier for your patients, visitors, salespeople, couriers and your staff with self service check-in. When they arrive at your office, most will find that an interactive kiosk is much more exciting than signing in at the front desk and filling out the much dreaded paperwork that follows. Instead, visitors can use a stand-up kiosk or handheld tablet to sign in or sign up interactively.

With this technology you can potentially track visitor traffic, give them an option to sign up for your newsletter, opt-in for SMS messaging, leave feedback, and even incorporate badge printing if necessary. Not only does it make the process quicker, but it makes the establishment look more new-age and professional. Gather the same info that would typically require tons of paperwork or separate outlets to accomplish. This can easily be done in one sitting and your customers and staff will be pleased with the convergent solution.

4.) Promote Contests

This is a great way to engage with potential customers. I mean, who doesn’t love a good contest? Especially when there is an exciting prize waiting for them if they’re the winner! Contests are a great way to showcase your best product(s) by getting the consumer excited about the idea of receiving it for free. Reeling them in with the potential to win helps them to engage in the product’s features.

Give them something to visualize

The idea if being the winner (of say, a brand new sports car,) puts them “in the shoes” of their future self if they win. Once a consumer sees themselves in that light, it’s hard for them to forget it if they truly liked what they saw. Promoting a contest in your shop or trade-show gets everyone’s attention, and therefore gains much needed product and brand recognition. You’ll also find that it can merely be a stepping stone to the customer asking questions, or even better, buying it now! After all, we’re becoming less patient as a society. When we want something, we want it right away!

5.) Demo Products

Do you know how to effectively communicate how amazing your product is to your customers without just showing them? Maybe your staff doesn’t have the time to effectively show every interested person the whole “spiel.”

Imagine yourself at a tradeshow or fair with thousands of people walking by. You’d like to explain how great your product is to every person that you possibly can, but you’re only human! While your sales-pitch gets better, you and your staff eventually get tired and overwhelmed.

This is where having kiosks could really help. While your team is currently engaged with customers, new customers walking up can use the interactive touch-screens to learn all about your product. Before you even make your way over to introduce yourself, they could already have a preface established. This is a great way to effectively reach a multitude of people at once and show them what a great product you have.

Hire Less Salespeople

Rather than hiring 4-8 people to help with a large trade-show, you could have a few salespeople and a few interactive kiosks. While some prefer to speak to an actual person, you’ll find that most people prefer the noninvasive feel of a touchscreen to a human being these days. People have become accustomed to finding the answers for themselves through technology. Some would even call it fun! Think of it like online shopping meets in-store customer experience.

A mix of using technology to find out what they need to know, and the warmth of knowing there are people standing by willing to help them explain things further if needed. When the kiosks aren’t in use, they’re running through flashy images that generally reel people in and even educate people as they walk by.

6.) Employee Training & Updates

Continuing education for employees using interactive technology is a win-win for everyone involved. Interactive technology can make the experience more engaging as employee’s follow step-by-step tutorials about new products, new processes, new software or safety guidelines. This type of training doesn’t require a manager or owner gathering everyone together at the same time and place for a training session. Having employees train on their down-time when there’s not much to do that day means better overall time-management.

The training course can be fun and interactive with quizzes at the end to make sure they’ve retained the info. Most people are visual learners so they’re more likely to retain info if they can see it and interact with it, hands-on. Simply hearing about it in a training session or watching a video isn’t very effective. You’ll experience increased motivation, knowledge and performance from your employees when you utilize interactive technology training.

7.) Sign-up for Promos & Coupons

You can use interactive technology to have people sign-up for business promos, newsletters, VIP clubs, memberships and coupons. You’ve already got their interest, now you’ve just got to maintain that interest! Think of this like a punch-card when you go to a store and get a certain number of items over time and get your card punched. You then receive a free item when you reach a certain number. This gets people coming back. When you receive a coupon or flyer guaranteeing a discount on your next purchase, this also get people back.

When you give customers incentive, they’re way more likely to come back and to choose you over the competition. Now you can do all of this through digital marketing. Have them fill in their info into the kiosk, then they can opt-in for SMS messaging or emails to receive discounts and coupons.

Store Customer Info

You could also go a different route by storing their info and keeping up with their progress through your database. When they come in and give you their phone number, for example, they log in to that database and any accrued “points” or “specials.” They might receive something free on their birthday or receive a special VIP members-only discount on a certain day.

The options are endless, but the best way to get this ball rolling is to have them sign up in the store through a kiosk, tabletop stand or tablet. This sure beats the old-school way of asking people to signup by writing down their info or saying it out loud for the whole store to hear while the cashier puts it into their system. The customer will find it much less invasive and be likely to share more info knowing they’re not being put on the spot.

8.) Customer Feedback & Surveys

Customer feedback is something that every company needs to have access to if they want to know how their business is performing. If your business doesn’t find out how clients truly feel about your products and services, you won’t be able to give them the best customer experience.

Let’s just say that you have been in business for a couple of years and you’ve dotted all of your i’s and crossed all of your t’s. You’ve gone the extra mile any chance you’ve gotten and surely your customers are happy, right? How will you really know unless you receive some honest feedback? If you give them a survey, you can truly learn how they feel about your products, customer service, or business practices. 

Honest feedback on new products

What if you think that a product is great, but find out that others aren’t so excited about it? You may think it’s wonderful but honest feedback will tell you the truth from the perspective that matters the most, your customers.  A lot of places rely on their customers to “call this number to take a survey,” or to fill out a survey in an email or review them online.

While there’s nothing wrong with that approach, it’s not likely that people will do so. We have short attention spans these days, and when things are out-of site, they’re usually out-of-mind as well. Use an interactive kiosk to get feedback while the customer is in the store or restaurant and their feelings and emotions are fresh. You can even add this to one of the 7 things mentioned above for a very effective customer experience. 

Combining some of the uses mentioned above can help to fully maximize your brand’s potential.

Digital communication tools have become a ubiquitous part of our modern world. They are a major part of the growing expectations for a satisfying customer experience. Companies that expect to grow and evolve will eventually need to adapt to these expectations. However, it will take time for companies to catch on. You can be on the forefront of this exciting and innovative way of reaching consumers. You will benefit from the positive customer experiences, efficiency, speed, brand recognition, and boosted sales that come along with it. You’ll also give your customers a memorable experience and stand out from your competition!