Busy lifestyles and new technological developments have made us impatient, and there is now a shockingly high expectation about what convenience should be. This addiction to convenience impels brands to create innovative services and experiences that keep customers engaged.

Customers say: “make my experiences and interactions quicker and easier, or else I’m going to shop elsewhere.” Brick-and-mortar stores are finding themselves eating the dust of the online shopping industry. However, people still crave a more tangible experience. Companies need to provide customers with more bang for their buck to really capture their attention these days. Interactive technology is a great solution for this, as it’s filled with numerous advantages to both the business and the customer. This technology brings the convenience of the internet and the intimacy of a store together, providing the best of both to the customer.

It offers an unexpected surprise to customers

The process of purchasing something can be a real pleasure. And the enjoyment we derive from shopping influences our purchase. Locations that don’t intrigue our senses or keep us entertained are not considered to be desirable or pleasurable shopping experiences. After all, most of the appeal is in the process!

Online shopping is probably the most convenient method of shopping, but it’s not quite as personable or thrilling. Customers tend to enjoy the act of going to a store but are also accustomed to the convenience that online shopping provides. With interactive technology, you’re providing the best of both! They still get the pleasure derived from walking into a store and experiencing a connection, while also gaining the convenience and excitement of interactive technology at their fingertips.

It keeps consumers interested and invested in it

Part of any shopping experience is not only seeing, but also touching. Customers touch things. Ask any produce salesperson or the retailer folding clothes after people rummage through them. This makes us feel connected. It all comes down to tangibility and interactive technology is no different. Having a kiosk where they can “rummage” through the products provides a fun and informative shopping experience right at their fingertips. They can also escape the crowd and avoid facing queues at the checkout counter. That’s a win-win for everyone!

It educates the customer so they can make informed purchase decisions

Having interactive and educational kiosks set up can provide customers with an informative and entertaining shopping experience. Most purchase decisions are made on impulse, but customers still want to learn as much as possible before deciding whether to buy a product. This especially applies to products that the customer hasn’t had the chance to research prior to their visit.

Customers don’t want to listen to unwanted sales talk. As a salesperson or store owner, you don’t want to distract them from their thought process. Especially if that thought process leads to sales. Being there to help but not hovering is key. This is where it’s a great idea to give them a choice of whether they’d like to talk to a person or curiously scroll through the products on a touchscreen. This method tends to keep them there longer as they learn more about your products, thus leading to increased sales.

It encourages them to connect with others and share their experience

At first sight of something interesting, people whip out their smartphones and start taking photos and videos to share with others. This is great news for a company! There’s no better publicity than free publicity!

Simply having these fun, interactive kiosks can encourage people to share the excitement with their friends, family and on social media. Retail companies should always try to provide an exciting atmosphere that rewards the effort people make to visit them. An environment worth sharing with others and one that keeps people talking long after they’ve left your store. User generated content is one of the greatest things a company can ask for, so provide them with something worth sharing!

It will make your brand stand out in the market

If you want to stand out from the crowd, you’ll need to step outside the norm to provide the consumer with a one-of-a-kind shopping experience that’s fun, convenient, and informative. Memorable and magical experiences create loyal customers. Shopping is synonymous with leisure, and digital technology is a key selling point for the brand, offering comfort along with pleasure.

The experience you create will make all the difference in how a customer feels about your store or brand. If you create an exciting and memorable experience for the customer, they’ll remember it and become a loyal patron. Who knows, maybe they’ll return with a few friends!